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“A safe, welcoming studio for anybody looking to settle into their authenticity, communicative capacity, and to develop a deeper appreciation for the power of their imagination!”


“Within a week of working with Lea I booked off tape and will be working with Disney XD Awesomeness T.V. and will be a game show host. Heading back to where I LOVE to be. Hollywood!”


“This incredible teacher, this class, this studio, and this amazing, transformative, deeply rewarding, life enriching, magical, treasure of a process that is the Meisner technique. I feel so so so very blessed and grateful for the serendipity that I have been so fortunate to have experienced in order to place me in the right place and time to receive such a truly soul touching and glorious gift. THANK YOU Lea Marlene, thank you genius Mr. Meisner, thank you Universe!


“Lea is a magnificent teacher in every way. She has an extremely gifted eye that can quickly discern between a performer who is “acting” and a performer who is living truthfully within the given circumstances. Surprisingly, that is incredibly rare- even in LA and New York.”


“When I get called in for an audition the first thing I do is call Lea and set up a private coaching session because without her I wouldn’t be able to make the role as dynamic. I never go on an audition without her advice.”


It’s hard to express how rare and exceptional both Lea Marlene and the Namastage studio truly are. Her insight into not only the craft of acting but life and the incredible journey that we all share leaves me in awe on a weekly basis. She creates a space for creative souls to explore parts of themselves they never knew existed while encouraging them to be the people they’re meant to be by simply reminding them that who they are is all they need to be … click arrow to continue
To be present, to listen to yourself and others and live authentically in the moment is a tremendous gift in acting and in life and it all pours from her in such a generous manner. I always believed acting to be more about taking the mask off as opposed to putting another one on. Finding an affirmation of that principle in the Meisner Technique and an example of those truths embodied by Lea Marlene and all who grace the Namastage Theatre has left me profoundly changed and inspired to say the least.


Acting classes for kids, teens & adults

Read behavior, listen
deeply and be
authentically compelling.

Denver’s Top Talent
Entertain You

Tools to be calm, cool, and
articulate on stage,
camera and in life.

Have a great time and
build confidence,
skills and friendships.

On Camera Audition Class
for Film, Television
& Commercials

Meisner Technique Repetition Circle

Second Thursday of every month.

6pm -7pm

This is only open to LM Actors Studio Meisner Technique First Year and Second Year Students as well as Graduates of the Program. This is a really cool way to gather in the unique community you are. You are all Denver trailblazers as you are a part of the only full two year Meisner Technique program in the entire state! We believe the talent here should have all the same tools they have in larger markets like LA, Chicago and NYC. So it doesn’t matter if you’re new to this or you already graduated, keep honing in on your craft, building relationships and sharpening the tools in your toolbox. By maintaining your ability to listen aggressively and call out behavior you will stay tuned up and ready to work. Meet other like minded artists and do what you love. It’s up to you to create the life you imagined, we are here to help.
 Only 20 bucks
ACT- The reality of doing ASANA- A pose or series of poses ACTASANA (ACT ah-sah-nah)
Lea Marlene Actors Studio is the only studio in Colorado that offers the full Two Year Meisner Technique Program for Acting.  We offer Conservatory Style training that integrates  yoga into The Meisner Technique curriculum as well as the Young Actors Program.  Our students have found our revolutionary Actasana Technique extremely useful  (why acting and yoga) as it helps the students cultivate the energy needed and the ability to get present in their heart which is the actors most vital tool. This is an all levels yoga practice and is very beginner friendly. As actors we have to explore every facet of who we are as humans and taking the time to be in your body is very beneficial to the process. A musician wouldn’t dare play an untuned instrument why should you as an actor?

Our intimate Namastage Theatre hosts classes, professional productions and workshops.  We are dedicated to providing a welcoming space for actors and non-actors alike. We challenge you to grow artistically and live creatively.  If you study here you will obtain powerful tools such as the ability to read behavior acutely,  you’ll become the best listener in the room and you’ll get comfortable being uncomfortable. Our offerings give you the ability to thrive in life, both personally and professionally.   For us this is larger than acting as learning how to fearlessly trust your instincts  can help you harness your authentic power and use your gifts and talents in exciting and life affirming ways.


Meets Wednesdays 11am – 2pm

Call Today (720) 638 – 2612 for your enrollment interview.

Acceptance by Application Process and Interview/
Audition Only Must be 18+ to be Accepted into The Meisner Technique.

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Lea Marlene Actors Studio

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